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 A quick glance out the window can give you an idea of the principal kind of hiking trails you'll find in Utah Valley -- the mountain variety. The Wasatch Front is a veritable treasure trove of trails, providing challenges for everyone from beginners to hard-core hiking enthusiasts. Here's a list of some of the more popular trails in the Utah County area. 

 Easy Hikes 

  • Stewart Cascadesy mountain
    Beginning above the amphitheater at Theater-in-the-Pines picnic area and adjacent to BYU's Aspen Grove Camp on the Provo Canyon North Fork Road is one of Utah County's most popular trails. This 2-mile path takes you through aspens, ferns, oak brush, and mountain meadows, offering views of the beautiful back side of Mount Timpanogos and Sundance resort.  More Information.
  • Provo River Parkway
    This trail is one of the area's most popular. It is used by bikers, joggers, walkers, roller bladers and strollers. It is a great exercise destination and provides safety from walking on roadsides. The parkway winds its way through the heart of downtown Provo, connecting Utah Lake State Park with Provo Canyon. Access at Vivian Park or Bridal Veil Falls/Nunns Park on the north end or Utah Lake State Park on the south end.
  • Battle Creek Falls
    Passing a less known waterfall and offering fantastic views, this 3-mile trail begins at the end of Battle Creek Drive (200 South) in Pleasant Grove. More Information.
  • Mill Canyon
    Full of river crossing, aspen trees, pine forests, and open mountain meadows, this 3-mile trail starts at the northeast end of the reservoir. Be prepared to cross Tibble Fork Creek as well as several small streams as you wind your way to the Ridge Trail.
  • Pine Hollow
    This 2-mile trail can be accessed by the trail head on State Road 92 from the snowmobile parking lot where gates close the Alpine Loop for winter. Pine Hollow Trail goes through scenic aspen and pine forests and joins the Ridge Trail at the top of the summit.

 Moderate Hikes 

  • Y Mountain in Provomount timp hike
    The Y Mountain Trail access is east on 850 North to the foothills, then north to Cedar Crest parking lot, then southeast on the dirt road to the trail.  More Information.
  • Timpanogos Cave
    Located at the monument headquarters in American Fork Canyon, the Timpanogos Cave National Monument includes an impressive cave system known for its colorfully decorated caverns.  More Information.
  • Big Springs
    Big Springs Trail can be found up the south fork turnoff of Provo Canyon. From the turnoff at Vivian Park, travel two miles to a dirt road at a riding stable. This 4-mile trail travels to the top of Rock Canyon and joins the Rock Canyon Trail. 
  • Rock Canyon
    This 6-mile trail begins at the end of North Temple Drive in Provo. This trail travels up Rock Canyon to the Rock Canyon Campground on Squaw Peak Road.
  • Tibble Fork
    Beginning near the dam on Tibble Fork Reservoir, this 6-mile trail ends at the summit, where it joins the Ridge Trail. The trail begins at the dam and climbs steeply through the oak brush hills. It then begins a gradual climb through the aspens. The trail covers a variety of terrain including many open mountain meadows. 
  • G Mountain in Pleasant Grove
    Offering a great family activity, the trail to the G on the mountain above Pleasant Grove starts at the park on the east end of 200 South. The trail goes to the north of the park. 

 Strenuous Hikes 

  • Aspen Grove
    mount timpanogosThe Aspen Grove Trail is a second trail to the summit of Timpanogos. This 6.9-mile route is slightly shorter than the Timpooneke Trail, but also slightly steeper. The trail head is accessed from the north fork of Provo Canyon. Parking and a trail head sign can be found just past the Brigham Young University Aspen Grove Camp on the south side of the road.
  • Timpooneke on Mount Timpanogos
    The Timpooneke trail head is located in the Timpooneke campground approximately 7 miles up American Fork Canyon (Highway 92). The trail begins at the south side of the large parking lot. This trail is 7.5 miles to Emerald Lake, and another 3 miles to the summit of Timpanogos. Because of its elevation (11,750 feet), snow lingers on trails until mid-summer. Hazardous snow conditions can exist in the late fall.
  • Ridge Trail
    This 15.5-mile trail is best started at the summit of the Aspen Loop Road accessed by either the American Fork or North Fork of Provo Canyon Road. The Ridge Trail is a main trail following the mountain ridge connecting with several other canyon trails. Other trails meeting this trail include Pine Hollow, Mud Springs, Tibble Fork, Cabin Flat and Mill Canyon.
  • Sundance
    For a different approach to hiking, try Sundance's chair service for hikers and mountain bikers. The new Ray's Quad Lift rises more than 1,000 vertical feet, and then offers a leisurely hike down roads and trails.  There are more than 10 miles of trails available. The scenic lift costs $11 for adults,  $8 for seniors, $9 for kids (ages 6-11), and kids under 5 are free . For more information, call 223-4849.



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