Eating Healthy While Traveling

One of the hardest things about a healthy lifestyle is being able to eat healthy while traveling. It can be difficult when you’re not using your own kitchen or have your healthy snack options available. It can also be difficult when eating out or when flying. Here are a few tips to help you eat healthy while traveling.

  1. Pre-pack your Foods
    In preparation for your upcoming change in lifestyle, pack your own foods to take with you. You can stock up on many non-refrigerated snacks to take along with you. Some ideas include apples, bananas, nuts, protein bars, or dried fruit.
  2. Choose Water
    You will be offered many different drink options when flying. Skip the sugary beverages such as fruit juice and sodas. Always opt for water. This will help keep you hydrated while eliminating the sugar.
  3. Know Your Area
    Find ways to locate healthy restaurants. You can use an app such as yelp or AroundME. This will help you stop at healthier places on the run. Choose restaurants that focus on fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins.
  4. Hotel Room Snacks
    Choose hotels that offer a mini refrigerator option. This will allow you to buy more healthy options and store them in your fridge. Choose snacks such as fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, almond butter, hummus and carrots, greek yogurts, cheese sticks, etc
  5.  Cheat Meal
    Don’t be too stringent while vacationing. Taking a break from your healthy diet can be a good way to enjoy a treat with friends or co-workers. Choose one day while on the trip to treat yourself to a dessert. Enjoy it and then start eating healthy again as soon as you’re done.