Successful Meal Prep

Why Meal Prep?

Short on time, money, or healthy meals? Meal prep may be the solution for you! Initially meal prep can seem like a lot of work and time, but it can save you time and money in the long run.  Planning meals ahead of time increases the likelihood of eating a healthy meal instead of eating a quick bite of fast food. According to the Harvard School of Public Health eating healthy can cost you an extra $550 a year, which is why you should plan in advance so that you can reduce as much cost as possible. With careful planning, you can eat healthy while doing so in the most cost effective way. The initial investment of time will be well spent!


  • Make an initial investment on a thermos, a set of tupperware, a lunchbox, etc. Buying these items will make it more convenient to pack a lunch and will save money in the long run by not having to buy fast food or plastic bags to pack your food in. As a tip, look for BPA free containers to make microwaving leftovers a healthier option.
  • Keep your kitchen clean. Kitchen cleanliness determines your eating habits. Remove unused appliances and food and keep what’s needed. Knowing exactly what you have in your organized kitchen and where it is stored will help you plan what to buy and what to cook.
  • Have some healthy snacks on hand. Store the remaining snacks in the freezer or cupboard to prevent yourself from overeating. If you are feeling like overeating or snacking on something unhealthy, try brushing your teeth and see if the craving goes away.
  • Dedicate a few hours in the week to meal planning.  If you set aside time to making larger portions of a healthy meal it will save you time later on in the week.  Consider preparing a large healthy meal 2-3 times a week.  Leftovers and healthy snacks can fill in on the days that you are not cooking.
  • Make a grocery list before you go to the store. Before you go shopping, write down what you plan to eat and make a shopping list based on what you will need for those meals.  Try to plan your meals around what you already have on hand.

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