Choosing a Gym

Choosing a gym can be confusing. Are you sure of what you are looking for? Here are a few items to consider when deciding which gym is right for you: 

  • Hours
    Make sure the gym you’re looking into is open during the hours you would normally be performing your workout. Visiting the gym during those times is a good way to see how busy it is and if it’s a place you would want to exercise. The environment will definitely influence how often you are willing to visit.
  • Equipment
    How a gym maintains their equipment is essential to knowing what kind of quality you will be getting. If something is broken, you will want to know if the gym will fix it. Also, explore to see if they have the different types of equipment that you need for your workout routines.
  • Facilities
    You may want to find out what other facilities will be available to you as a member. Some gyms offer racquetball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, volleyball courts, spin rooms, and/or group fitness rooms.
  • Cost
    Many of the top gyms charge more for their membership fees. Often you don’t need all the extra whistles and bells that come with these top gyms, so don’t get caught in the trap of paying more than necessary for extra services you won’t use. Some of the best times to purchase a membership are during September or at the beginning of a new year. Many gyms offer lower rates during these times. 
  • Day Care
    If you have children, a day care can be an essential part of your decision-making process. Some gyms charge an additional fee for day care, and some don’t accept children younger than 6 months. You’ll also want to be sure that all day care workers have strict background checks and are up-to-date on their CPR and first aid skills.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can ask if a gym offers any discounts through your work, health insurance, or school. Always remember to closely read any contract you may be asked to sign. Look for AED devices through the facility and find out what sort of CPR/first aid training the gym employees and fitness instructors are asked to take. Good luck on your gym search!