Recreation Classes

The Department of Recreation and Management is pleased to offer a number of courses to prepare BYU students, faculty, and staff for the safe enjoyment of the outdoors. These courses range from Alpine Ski Instruction to Wilderness Trek (click this link for a full list of offerings.) Tuition is required for participation in these classes. 

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Tuition benefit for BYU employees
Full-time employees are eligible for a full-tuition benefit upon being hired. An employee must be hired before the add/drop deadline in order to be eligible for a tuition benefit for the current semester. Additionally, each employee must be admitted to the University and registered for classes before the tuition benefit will apply.

Full-time employees are permitted to take a maximum of six credit hours for fall semester and six credit hours for winter semester. A total of six credit hours may be taken during spring and summer terms, but employees cannot exceed more than four credits per term.

For more information regarding the tuition benefit for BYU employees, please visit this page.