6 Tips for Work-life Balance

A good definition of work-life balance is the ability to be productive and competitive at work while maintaining a happy home life, maintaining enough breathing space to enjoy leisure activities and personal growth. 

Because time and resources are finite, knowing how to effectively use them is vital. By choosing to control of your life and by tapping into your resourcefulness and imagination, you can achieve the work-life balance you desire.

Following are six ideas to consider in managing your time and resources effectively:

Eliminate Busywork and Time Wasters
Review your workload and eliminate those things that take up time and serve no purpose. Be willing to respectfully say “no” to unnecessary projects and events so you can focus on the activities and relationships you enjoy.

Manage Technology
Effectively manage technology so that it serves rather than abuses you. Set boundaries around your usage of technology it so it doesn’t take over too much of your time and resources. A boundary could be to check emails no more than three times a day, or to turn electronic devices off during personal and family time.

Take Care of Yourself
Develop habits for getting proper sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Life is more enjoyable and easier to manage when you possess the vitality, health, and sense of well-being that comes from living a healthy lifestyle.

Schedule Personal and Family Time into Your Calendar
Unless personal and family time are scheduled into your day, chances are they will be shut out by all the other areas of life that are seeking your time and attention. Blocking out time for self and family will help you achieve balanced boundaries.

Don’t Take Work Home with You
Make a conscious decision to keep work at work. Doing this will give you mental and emotional space to experience more quality time at home and be more focused on your family relationships.  

Recognize the Value of Leisure Time
Recognize the important role recreation and leisure activity can play in keeping you rejuvenated and excited about life. Feeling alive and fulfilled is key to achieving work-life balance.  A little relaxation goes a long way.  During a hectic day taking 10–15 minutes can recharge your batteries and refresh your mind.

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