Best Recovery Foods

Deciding which foods to eat after a workout can be a bit challenging for most people. The best foods can be summarized by rehydrate, rebuild, and refuel. Focus on these as you decide which foods will be best. We will give 5 suggestions of some great foods that can help with recovery and aid in obtaining good nutrition:

1. Smoothies, Drinks, or Shakes
 One of the main things to think about after a workout is rehydrating. Smoothies and drinks are a great way to hydrate your system. There are many healthy drink options on the market. You can create your own smoothie by adding some frozen berries, protein powder, yogurt and honey. You can also consume a healthy sport drink, coconut water, or a pre-packaged protein drink.

2. Burrito
A chicken or bean burrito with a bit of salsa can give you a boost of protein to help your muscles recover. Black beans are another great protein source to add to the burrito. The tortilla shell and rice can provide some carbohydrates to also help with that muscle recovery.

3. Cottage Cheese
We’ve all heard that cottage cheese is filled with protein. One of the reasons the protein is great in cottage cheese is because it has one of the best protein-to-calorie ratios. It also contains an important amino acid for muscle building called leucine. To make your cottage cheese more flavorful try adding some fresh fruit and granola.

4. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables play a different role from the other foods in muscle recovery. While we may not think about fruits and vegetables aiding in muscle building, they have been found to aid in reducing muscle damage and soreness after endurance exercise. They also provide a high water content that helps to rehydrate.

5. Whole Wheat Toast and Nut Butter
Toast provides carbohydrates while the nut butter contains protein. Try adding a different type of nut butter to your snack such as almond butter or walnut butter. Another great addition to this recovery food is bananas. You can top the nut butter with a few banana slices. That gives you carbs, proteins, and fluid content.

These suggestions are a few different recovery foods you can try. There are multiple others ones to try as well. Just remember when choosing a recovery food to rehydrate, rebuild, and refuel!

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