Join us once a month for a noon hour walk. Fun Walks provide an opportunity to enjoy BYU’s beautiful walking paths during warmer months; and Walkabouts let you walk the corridors of the Marriott Center to fun music during the cooler months.

Well & Wise

Listen to guest speakers, scheduled periodically, to address various health related topics. Topics range from Stress Management and How to Prepare for a Marathon to Caring for the Elderly and Creating Healthy Family Relationships.

Family Activities

Enjoy our annual family friendly events such as the Cross Country Ski Day in February and the Turtle Dash in July as well as other occasional one off events throughout the year.

Other Activities

Participate in other events scheduled from time to time such as line dancing, fitness testing, bowling, and more. These are great ways to improve fitness, have fun and experience new things.


Watch for opportunities to sign up for a specialized course offered to small groups of individuals seeking to improve in similar areas of wellness. These courses are based on researched materials showing positive outcomes.

  • Living Well: Chronic Condition Self-Management

  • Living Well: Diabetes Self-Management

  • Full Plate Living: Weight Management Program

  • Diabetes Monthly Support Group

For a list of all of our current events, visit our calendar page.