Cash-Back Program

Earn cash-back by participating in engaging wellness challenges and by filling out an annual Health Risk Assessment. These simple practices will not only fill your pockets with cash and incentives, but they will help you develop a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Me

Engage in health challenges focused on creating a healthy lifestyle. Each challenge provides educational material and emphasizes a different area of healthy.

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Health Risk Assessment

Take an annual health risk assessment to determine your current health status and discover areas for improvement.

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Participate in fitness classes and opportunities available right on campus. There is something available for almost any type of exercise preference including weight lifting, racquetball, yoga, indoor cycling, running, and more!

Fitness Classes

Participate in free fitness classes on campus during your lunch break and/or after work hours. These classes are exclusively for faculty and staff and their spouses.

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Living Empowered
Exercise Classes

Pay a small fee to participate in a variety of fitness classes available before work or in the evenings. These classes are open to both students and to faculty and staff.

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Fitness Facilities

Take advantage of campus gyms and recreational facilities available on campus to faculty and staff. Find out when the open play hours are for each facility.

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Receive personalized health and wellness coaching. Having a coach is a great way to establish accountability and develop new skills in the specific area of wellness where you want to improve.

Fitness Trainers

Receive personalized help in developing a strength training, a fitness program, or receive personalized instruction on how to use equipment in the weight room.

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Wellness Coaching

Dream of the healthy life you want to live, and then start turning that dream into a reality by accomplishing weekly action plans designed to help you move forward.

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Y Be Fit Program

Enroll in a four-month coaching program that includes health and fitness lifestyle assessments plus weekly coaching sessions aimed at helping you improve.

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Stay on top of your health by getting your immunizations and screenings. Getting immunizations and screenings is a simple way to protect against illness and become aware of potential health risks.

Triple Screening

Obtain important biomedical information such as cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides levels. This information is needed to fill out the health risk assessment.

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Adult Immunization

Learn what immunizations are recommended for adults and then get protected against some of the most common diseases; diphtheria, tetnus, pneumonia, and shingles.

Flu Shots

Protect yourself and your immediate family from seasonal influenza and also help prevent its spreading in the community by attending the annual flu shot clinic.

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Get an annual mammogram to discover any present or potential abnormalities indicating the possibility of cancer. Early detection can be key in conquering the disease.

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