Y-Weight 2016 Program

Achieve your health and weight goals by participating in this 10-week weight management program.

The total cost is $100.00; however, you may earn the money back if you successfully complete the program requirements

  • Attendance - $5 awarded for each week attended. Total 10 weeks = $50.
  • Nutritional Goal - Completion of at least 7 of 9 (80%) weekly nutritional goals = $15.
  • Activity Goal - Completion of at least 7 of 9 (80%) weekly activity goals = $15.
  • Weight Loss - 5 pound or more weight loss after 10 weeks = $20.

Participants will be put in small groups that will meet together weekly to learn about weight management principles and strategies. Discussions will be held to address participant’s needs, interests, challenges, and personal goals. Each group will be led by 2 nutrition coaches (graduate dietetic interns) who will help participants along their 10-week weight-loss journey.


Taking this course implies that the participant will strive to incorporate the concepts taught within the program.


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Every Friday from January 8th to March 11th, 2016 (10 Weeks)


12:05 to 1:00 PM


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$100 - Payable Online upon Registration