Triple Screening

Stay on top of your healthy numbers by getting your blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride screening. Note that those with Medicare or Medicaid are not eligible to receive this screening at the Student Health Center.

Additionally, remember the following:

  • A 12-hour fast from food is required for accurate results. You are encouraged to drink water throughout your fast.
  • Bring your insurance card to the screening!

Please keep in mind this is a screening. All abnormal results should be discussed with your family physician. This service is not a way to manage your health, only to inform you of the need for further action.

Once you receive your results, we invite you to take the Health Risk Assessment to further evaluate your health.


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New Policy on Spouses

In the past, the Student Health Center has had to foot the bill for many of the Spouses receiving services.  To resolve this situation, the Student Health Center is now billing for services given to spouses as soon as they are received.  The insurance company is also be billed at that same time. You will be informed of this billing via an email. If the insurance company has not paid the bill in full, you will be required to pay the balance within 60 days of receiving the service.

Some reasons for DMBA not paying the bill are as follows:

  • DMBA inadvertently sends the payment to the policyholder instead of the Student Health Center.
  • DMBA is not your primary insurance carrier.  (In this instance DMBA may make no payment or a partial payment, depending on the situation.)

You may contact DMBA directly with questions regarding your coverage.

Thank you for your understanding of this new policy.  We appreciate the Health Center and the service they provide and hope it will continue to be a positive experience for all involved.