Wellness Advocate

For Everyone

If you are enthusiastic in striving to live a healthy lifestyle, you may be interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate for your department. You don’t need to be an athlete or have an extensive background in health to apply. Rather, we are looking for outgoing individuals with an interest in a basic health lifestyle who are ready and willing to promote healthy behaviors and work within their departments to establish a culture of wellness.

Fun Interaction

Serving as a Wellness Advocate is fun and rewarding. Wellness Advocates across campus get together regularly to share ideas, receive training, and be exposed to new ideas and helpful resources.


Individuals may apply to become a Wellness Advocate by filling out an application and receiving approvals from their supervisor and department leader. Once approved, Wellness Advocates are given a Checklist to complete. Upon completion, individuals will be “Certified” Wellness Advocate and gain access to an online toolbox full of helpful resources to use. Although the initial training may take some extra time, the ongoing commitment is usually around 2-3 hours a month.