Y Be Fit Program

The objective of this program is to help people make healthier lifestyle choices leading to enhanced well-being, greater productivity, and more satisfying lives. All together, the program takes 16 weeks to complete.

Program Details

  • 3 initial appointments (introduction, assessment, discussion of results)
  • 11 follow-up appointments which could include counseling on any of the following: Weight Management, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management, Heart Health, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure
  • 1 Final Assessment


Together the assessments include:

  • 2 Bod Pod Measures ($40 value)
  • Blood Lipid Profile ($40 value)
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • 2 Submaximal Treadmill Tests ($30 value)
  • Strength and Flexibility Tests
  • Health Risk Appraisal


BYU full-time faculty and staff (including spouses) who have DMBA Insurance as their primary insurance carrier are offered the complete Y Be Fit program for a small co-pay of only $20 (all others pay only $120). Students may participate at a reduced price of $70.

Making an Appointment

To schedule your first appointment, call us at 801-422-4494.

For more information, consult theĀ Y Be Fit Website.